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Secure Credit Card Processing Gateway

Secure Reliable High Speed Payment Gateway

VerePay takes security to the next level by adding the highest level of security to protect you as a merchant and your customers’ credit card data. VerePay can accomplish this by adding additional fraud protection and velocity control in a PA-DSS certified environment.  During card not present transactions, we focus on helping you reduce chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.  This gives you more time to run your business efficiently so you can accept credit cards online without worry.

VerePay is our proprietary payment gateway created to handle eCommerce, MOTO, retail and mobile credit card payments. Our gateway technology is flexible, functional and reliable in its payment processing capabilities.  It has been enhanced to offer:

  • Electronic Store Front
  • Shopping Cart
  • Customer Management System
  • Product Management System
  • Fraud Analyzer
  • Events and Alerts
  • eCommerce Site Activity Report
  • Real-Time Transactional Data
  • Performance Measurement Reports
  • And much more…

If you are currently accepting credit cards online or considering an eCommerce website, VerePay can be easily integrated into your web site, accounting system, CRM system or IVR system, allowing you to process single transactions or do recurring payments.

VerePay was built with you in mind.

We took the approach that you, as a business owner, would rather spend your time building your business and increasing revenue.  We have combined state-of-the-art technology with industry leading experience to provide you with the tools you need to generate revenue, gain insight on key trends and performance metrics instead of spending your time combing thru data.

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