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VISA® CISP - Cardholder Information Security Program

The Visa® CISP program stands for Cardholder Information Security program.  Visa® CISP security is vitally important to business owners who sell merchandise or services and accept Visa® credit cards.  There are many benefits of Visa® and one of them includes the Visa® CISP program.  Visa® takes security issues very important and they have worked hard to ensure that those who shop online with the Visa® card can rest assured that their personal information is kept safe and secure.  The Visa® CISP security program has set new standards in consumer safety. Security benefits of Visa® include knowing that when you shop with Visa®, whether it is online, in a storefront, through mail order, or over the telephone, that your information is kept secured.  One of the most important security benefits of Visa® and the Visa® CISP security program is that Visa® enforces all of their merchants and service providers to comply with their security standards.

Some of the requirements for compliance with the Visa® CISP program include using a secured firewall maintained network, and using encryption to transmit data over public networks.  The Visa® CISP program will only work as long as all members of the merchant process agree to comply with Visa®’s standards of security.  As part of the Visa® CISP security program, there are also consequences for those service providers that refuse to comply with the requirements set forth by Visa®.

There are a number of security benefits of Visa® and it’s CISP program.  One of the most important benefits includes the immediate notification if a merchant loses track of a Visa® cardholder’s personal information.  By reporting this information immediately, there is a greater chance of recovering lost data or preventing any fraudulent activity from occurring.  By placing a fine on any merchant or member who fails to notify Visa® of any fraudulent activity adds credibility to Visa® as a company.  The security benefits of Visa® are plentiful, and Visa® works hard to ensure that each cardholder is protected.


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