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Card Not Present Transactions Requirements and Tips

Tips Consumers Can Take To Prevent Card Not Present Fraud

  • You should save all of your credit card receipts. Each month when your bill comes in the mail you should go over it thoroughly. Check to see if there have been any purchases made that you did not approve.  If you find any suspicious purchases, you should contact your credit card company immediately.

  • Keep in mind that a criminal does not have to be in possession of your card to make fraudulent purchases. A criminal can obtain your credit card information and make card-not-present transactions by just knowing your credit card number. You should always shred or burn your credit card statements. To protect yourself even further, you should always keep your bills and credit cards in a safe place away from the eyes of anyone who enters your home.

  • Be patient when you are making card not present transactions. Most businesses are now requiring that you give additional information when you make purchases to ensure that you are indeed the cardholder.

Tips Businesses Can Take To Prevent Card Not Present Fraud

  • Do not allow a transaction to be authorized unless the customer gives you a valid expiration date for the credit card.

  • Follow up all card not present transactions with an email to the customers account or with a telephone call.

  • Red flags for fraudulent purchases include: bulk transactions, first time shoppers, big ticket items are being purchased, rush delivery, shipping is requested to a different address than the customer or the shipping address is listed as an overseas address, large purchases are being made with numerous credit cards and shipped to a single address, separate purchases are being made but they are coming from a single Internet Protocol address.

  • The customer should be required to give you the three-digit number on the back of the card. This will ensure that the purchaser has the card in his or her possession.

All of these tips can help to prevent card not present transaction fraud. Consumers and businesses can work together to protect each other from potential criminals who want to ruin the credit of individuals and receive merchandise fraudulently.

Protect Yourself from Card Not Present Fraud

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