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OsCommerce - Free Open Source eCommerce Solution

OsCommerce offers a free way to run your online store.

If you are looking for an ecommerce solutions that are free and that offer shopping cart functions that enhance online marketing, then osCommerce is a solution worth looking into. OsCommerce is a free open source solution that  supplies shopping cart needs to those who have online stores, and there is no cost or fees. This e-commerce solution has the largest community and there are over 100,000 developers and store owners that are involved. OsCommerce offers ecommerce solutions that use PHP web scripting language and also use the MySQL database server, which makes it a free open source that does not have many special server requirements. OsCommerce has been operating for more than six years now and has helped thousands of online stores with their ecommerce solutions. This free open source online shopping cart has features that help with catalog functions for displaying products, as well as features that help with the administration of online stores. This system is very easy to install, and since it is available under a General Public License, it is free for those who use it.

There are many people that work on this software, since it is a free open source software, and this allows for many people to share the knowledge they have and to exchange ideas to help make it better. Some people work with osCommerce as a software hobby, while others work on it to help make a software that meets the requirements of their own online marketing needs. All of these people come together to make osCommerce an online shopping cart that offers a variety of choices to those who use it. If you are looking for a free open source that offers the ecommerce solutions you need for your online store, then osCommerce is a great free  way to help run your online store.

For more Information - osCommerce Free Open Source eCommerce Solutions

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