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VerePay Payment Gateway Overview

Payment Services

VerePay has exceeded merchant’s historic expectations because the portal was designed with our years of merchant processing experience and accepts all IP enabled transactions from any source including Internet, MOTO, retail and cellular initiated payments.

Reliable High Speed Processing For:

  • eCommerce
  • Cellular Transactions
  • Virtual Terminal
    - Key Entered
    - Swipe
  • Accounting Software
  • IVR - Interactive Voice Response
  • Batch Files
  • Pin Based Debit
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Store Valued Cards
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management

The VerePay Portal (VerePay) is a web browser based Portal application provides powerful tools for submitting and reporting on transactions. This portal includes a powerful virtual terminal as well as several reports that allow the merchant or client to be able to research transactions. In addition, it allows for authorizations to be settled or voided and settled transaction to be refunded.

Another feature of the portal is the ability to mark a credit card as being blocked which prevents the card from being used either through the virtual terminal or through the VerePay API (the API allows the submission of transaction through a HTTPS Pair/Value Post. Technical details of the API can be found in the VerePay Web Services Developers Guide). This is not the only way we fight fraud.

VerePay controls AVS and CVV settings on behalf of the merchants. In this manner VerePay enforces a level of protection onto the merchant. VerePay can set allowable AVS and CVV responses at the terminal level. In addition, we support international AVS. Security is also important to us. We utilize HTTPS Secure Socket Layers for both the API and also the Portal application.

VerePay resides in a state of the art processing facility that is CISP and SAS70 certified. Load balancing and redundancy are utilized to provide for maximum availability. Unique architecture of the application makes it impossible to access our database server from the web. For added peace of mind we encrypt all sensitive data, including Card Numbers, terminal numbers and all credentials using a very complex implementation of 3DES encryption that utilizes multiple keys and vectors.

In addition, we will never show a complete card number on any of our systems. VerePay will continually be adding new features to VerePay, and welcome comments and suggestions from all our users. Rest assured, if you do experience any problems, we have staff available 24 hours a day.


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